Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to support, educate, and equip graduating seniors and their families with the transition from high school to higher education

Our Mission

To annually award scholarships for further education graduating high school seniors 

Love Like Adam will create an awareness of potential dangers students face on college campuses.  This includes but is not limited to hazing, sexual assault, binge drinking, signs of alcohol poisonings and drug overdoses, what to do in emergency situations, and other skills necessary for their transition to independence. We will deliver interactive presentations (virtual or in person) to engage high school seniors in their learning. 

Offer High School Parent/Caregiver Information sessions to educate them on how to support their student in making important & safe decisions concerning colleges, social emotional learning, and their transition from high school to higher education

Create an awareness in fraternities, sororities, and university leadership of the initiative to pass new anti-hazing legislation in the Commonwealth of Virginia.