Continuing the fight for justice...

Did you know that between 2005 - 2013 there were 60 deaths due to fraternity hazing? From 2015 - 2021, there have been 41 hazing related deaths in fraternities and sororities across the country; Adam included. In 2021, there have been 3 deaths due to hazing in 8 months. In 2020, there were NO hazing related deaths, why do we think that is? Because they shutdown college campuses due to the pandemic.

As hazing deaths continue to occur across the nation, making national headlines, we see universities scrambling to put effective interventions in place to protect the safety and health of their students. Now more than ever is the time for the safety of college students to become a priority on college campuses and in higher education institutions. The goal of our organization LLA is to find a prevention strategy that can be strategically planned, implemented, and utilized at every school to ensure the safety of all students. Hazing does not discriminate and as long as university leadership continues to detach themselves from Greek Life on their campuses students' lives are in danger. As long as there are broad, blanket, and generic definitions of hazing like in our Virginia legislature, people will continue to get away with hazing with minimal to no consequences due to the gaps in our system. Do not tell us these boys were just kids, Adam was just a kid. A kid who lost his life due to the poor choices of others and their failure to act when he desperately needed help.